Lally Daley Hotchkiss

Lally Daley

Co-founder & VP of Partnerships

While in undergraduate studies at the University of Notre Dame, Lally enrolled in a psychology course entitled Autism. As part of the class curriculum students worked with families as home therapists. Lally enjoyed applying skills learned from the classroom into the home. Throughout her Notre Dame experience, Lally continued to work with families as an autism home therapist.

As an eager young adult, Lally wanted the opportunity to learn more about autism and ways to help children with autism achieve their true potential. After college, she continued to gain a variety of experiences in the autism field. She co-facilitated social skills groups for children with autism ranging in age from three to adolescents. She gained more experience working with parents by providing individualized parent trainings. Her classroom experience started with consultations for both new and experienced teachers throughout Chicago. Additionally, Lally provided best practices trainings for parents, teachers and other autism professionals both nationally and internationally.

After gaining so many wonderful experiences working along side her colleagues, Lally embarked on the next phase of her life, graduate school. Lally received her Master’s Degree in Clinical Community Psychology from DePaul University. Lally’s research and clinical training focuses on autism spectrum disorders. Her continued clinical training includes diagnostic evaluations, behavior therapy, social skills groups, and parent trainings.

Lally’s background experience of working with families in a therapeutic setting plays an important role in understanding our end user. Lally focuses on all partnerships at Infiniteach, particularly organizations interested in the accessibility apps. Lally works with our team to bring in new partners and sustain relationships with current partners.

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